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Leverage open-source products for complete and affordable automation

Openbravo ERP

Promantia has over the last 6 years successfully implemented Openbravo for over a dozen customers across multiple verticals – retail sales and rentals, manufacturing, engineering projects, jewelry, education and logistics – and in different geographies – India, UAE, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Qatar and South Africa. In addition to that, Promantia also manages the India Localization modules for Openbravo, which is available for all Indian customers of the professional version of the product.

Openbravo is arguably the best open source ERP product . It is the winner of the BOSSIE awards for the best ERP software 5 times in the last 7 years.It provides broad functional capabilities on top of an open RAD platform, that enables an “agile” fit-for-purpose solution to meet the specific needs of the customer.


In addition usability features include:

  • Mobile platform and solutions on top of it that include  tablet/touch screen optimized web-pos as well as purchase, warehouse solution.
  • Workflow framework that enables implementation of business processes on top of the platform.
  • Analytics module based on Pentaho, that allows end user reporting and charting with ERP data.
  • Integrated server monitoring with app dynamics.

Promantia’s consulting capabilities enables it to work with customers, identify the ERP drivers and help understand and map the organisational business process to the optimal post-ERP process flows. Based on this the implementation team prepares a blue-print for the implementation, which is the basis of the building of the customer-specific solution.
The solution itself is developed in a participative mode, with fortnightly reviews with the customer followed by user training, acceptance testing before going live.  Promantia actively involves in the post-go-live support enabling businesses to effectively administer the change program to migrate users to the new system.

Open Source Solutions

Opensource products, from operating systems like Linux and Android to databases like postgres and mysql and applications like SugarCrm and Drupal, are becoming increasingly popular , not only for being cost effective, but also because of their quality and the power they provide the implementer to build solutions that can meet customer’s specific requirements.


Pentaho’s Data Integration and Analytics Suite Image result for pentaho provides a rich set of functionalities for data level integration. big-data management and analytics with OLAP technologies.

Alfresco, is the leading Enterprise Content Management  (Document management) product that provides the tools for managing large volumes of non-structured data with powerful storage,collaboration, search and record management capabilities, Promantia has used it extensively in the development of the back-end of one it’s Image result for Alfrescoproduct initiatives.


PrestaShop and OpenCart are leading opensource eCommerce product that we have used and customized for out clients including integration with Openbravo ERP , Integration includes product and pricelist which are pushed from the ERP, new customer registration orders and payments which are created on the eCommerce product and pushed to the ERP and finally fulfillment status which is sent from ERP to the eCommerce application.