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Openbravo ERP

We are a leading Openbravo partner in India with more than 15 successful implementations in the last 5 years. We are the India Localization Partner with implementations for manufacturing, retail, services and project organizations in India,  Middle East and APAC regions.

Open source Solutions

Our expertise in open source technologies enables us to  build cost effective customer-specific solutions for you with products like Pentaho (Data integration and analytics) , Alfresco (Document management), PrestaShop/OpenCart (E-commerce) and SugarCRM/vTiger (CRM)

Product Development

Our strong agile focus, domain affinity and  architecture-centric approach  helps  us build and maintain robust scalable products. Our expertise in technologies related to responsive multi-channel delivery, big-data analytics & cloud hosting will give you a competive edge

Operational Transformation

Processes and systems need to be realigned to business goals to extract maximum value from ERP implementations. Our framework based process review & re-engineering approach that is based on Theory of Constraints brings assured value to your organisation

How working with Promantia would benefit your organization

“Partnership” Model

We engage with our customers as partners, understand your unique problems/challenges and define and implement solutions in a collaborative and iterative way.

Deep Product Knowledge

We invest in building expertise in the products that we work with enabling us to leverage fully it’s features and be consistent with it’s vision and style as we build on top of it

Range of Technology Skills.

From cloud to mobile, from automation of testing, packaging and deployment to analytics, knowledge of these technologies helps us give you to end-to-end solutions

Agile Processes

Our processes gives customer visibility through the project life-cycle, fosters collaboration, delivers value iteratively and can be tuned to meet specific needs of your engagement.

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